About Us

Rule #1? Sell only what we believe in.

As in an eclectic mix of stylish, well-designed goods from established and emerging designers all over the map. Makers with a passion for fusing classic craftsmanship with contemporary form + function, and a relentless attention to detail right down to the very last stone, setting or finish.

That's what Firecracker is all about.

As for our artisan partners, many are like us: small to mid-sized independents who value their... well, independence. Artists + designers who not only take immense pride in crafting authentic objects of utility and beauty, but also share our deeply held belief in treating all workers, customers and natural resources with dignity and respect.

Know of any specific artisans in your area that might fit our bill? Get in touch with us via the Help Desk, Facebook, Instagram or DM us on Twitter. We're always interested in checking out your recommendations.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. Or very many, as our dog Augie would say if he could talk. But hey, we hope you like what we and the Firecracker team discover on our travels and enjoy drinking in some of the same local inspiration we do.

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