Designer Spotlight: Dream Collective

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Dream Collective

Jewelry is like making tiny sculptures. I love the idea of the talisman, or the amulet quality of wearing jewelry.

Texas native and designer Kathryn Bentley studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She then went on to work for designer Philip Crangi, followed by an apprenticeship in the craft of jewelry design via wax mold carving and metalsmithing.

Dream Collective | Los Angeles CA USA

Following a cross country move to Los Angeles, in 2012 she launched her flagship Dream Collective store in the east side Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake.

Defined by an organic fusion of handmade craftsmanship and artistic detail, Kathryn's pieces embody a refined ease and timeless sensibility. With references to indigenous cultures, her work effortlessly combines roughly hewn shapes & raw textures to achieve a natural delicacy.

"I have a tendency to go for more unique stones and things with inclusions and imperfections. I find it more interesting than working with a perfect stone."

Dream Collective | Los Angeles CA USA