Designer Spotlight: Royal Botanicals

Royal-Botanicals | Brooklyn NY USA
Being from New Orleans, I am used to being around plants. Now that I live in New York, I found myself yearning for more nature. Working with flowers is a nice way to share it with the people here.

Quick question:

When a new line of bath and beauty products is unveiled from one of Brooklyn's most talented floral stylists/designers, is anyone truly surprised to learn that it celebrates the most exquisite traits of mother nature and her unique aromatherapeutic benefits?


And that's the kind of non-surprise we love.

A native of New Orleans, Ariel moved to New York after college and has made it her home for the last 8 years. Inspired by the history and botanicals of the Crescent City, her soulful selection of bath soaks are meticulously imbued with the exact same kind of warm-hearted spirit & classic elegance she imparts to every flower arrangement.

Royal Botanicals | Brooklyn NY USA

Ariel's Studio

~ Photo: Bryce Covey ~

"Last Fall, I created a flower arrangement using Forsythia, Lisianthus, and Persimmons. The branches I used that day were incredible and the leaves ranged in color from green to golden to burgundy, occasionally all on the same branch. The shape was quite sculptural and had a lot of movement. I often still think back to that arrangement."
Royal Botanicals | Brooklyn NY USA 
Royal Botanicals | Brooklyn NY USA 
Royal Botanicals | Brooklyn NY USA

The thoughtful approach even extends to the bottle.

Handcrafted in small batches with an invigorating blend of Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts & organic essential oils, Ariel's deep appreciation for natural beauty extends to packaging her wares in ethereal Victorian era-inspired amber glass vessels that fairly whisper to those of us in the modern world:

"Slow down. Draw a bath. Relax."

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