Designer Spotlight: Anna Joyce Design

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Anna Joyce Design

Creativity runs through Anna Joyce's veins.

Raised by two artists, a studio practice has been a fact of life for her as long as she can remember. Her design process is intuitive, relaxed and rooted in the core beliefs handed down by her parents: that we can and should live with art and craft everyday.

Anna's focus on textile design is a marriage of all the things she loves most: fabric, print making, design & function. As a result of her mastery of these elements, she's able to elevate practical, useful items to stylish and unique works of art.

Starting out in 2009 with a sewing machine given to her as a wedding gift, Anna's first collection remains her favorite. Inspired by textiles she had painstakingly catalogued for over ten years, she describes the artistic impact it had on her in bracingly honest terms:

"It represented the passing of time, and the death of my father, and the birth of my children. It is very personal and filled with joy and color.”

Anna Joyce Design | Portland OR USA

When asked what part of her process is most satisfying, Anna's response is swift: “Designing a new pattern and choosing the color. There's nothing better. I also love the documentation. Photo shoots are something I look forward to; when my vision comes to life on film it's magic.”

For inspiration, she often turns to books. An avid collector of vintage titles as well as craft and folk art books, Anna is also currently in the process of writing one herself.

Which begs the question: Is there anything she can’t do?

In our opinion, actually... no.

Ned + Anna (but mostly Anna)... we salute you.

Anna Joyce Design | Portland OR USA

"Every piece I make is lovingly handmade and hand-printed in Portland, Oregon. Because I believe in high-quality craft for every stitch and seam, my goods will last through time like a loyal friend." -- Anna Joyce