Designer Spotlight: Kyyote

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Starring: Los Angeles.

That is the inspiration behind Amanda Loos’s stunning line, which is to say: modernist art, architecture, the stark neutrality of white, bold bursts of color, and the interplay of positive and negative space.

Kyyote | Los Angeles CA USA

Born in Vancouver, Amanda has called LA home since the age of 12.

All pieces are handcrafted in her studio, where the use of certified recycled sterling silver from non-mined, reclaimed sources is just one part of her devotion to eco-friendly business practices.

Long-term relationships with a variety of small domestic firms supplying the materials that go into her line ensures that each component is hand selected for its individual characteristics.

Which means no two will ever be exactly alike.

Which is exactly the point.

Kyyote | Los Angeles CA USA
Kyyote | Los Angeles CA USA