Designer Spotlight: Roots Rose Radish

Roots Rose Radish | Providence RI USA
For as long I can remember, I was always collecting berries and leaves and then trying to figure out what I could do with them. I decided to study herbal medicine to further my understanding of the healing capacity of plants.

Dirt is good.

When RRR founder Christian Toscano was a kid growing up in Connecticut, she loved nothing more than playing in the brook behind her house… barefoot… and digging in the dirt.

Well, some things never change.

To this day, her greatest passions still lie in earthy things. A lover of wild English gardens, botanical illustrations and lithographs, and drinking tea, she is also an avid wildcrafter (ethically and sustainably gathering plants in their natural habitat.)

She has turned her botanical obsession into a serious lifelong study by becoming a trained western herbalist, always enthralled by the complex and nuanced practice of researching, growing, and distilling the plants that contain the most powerful healing properties available.

Christian Toscano | Roots Rose Radish | Providence RI USA

Heading east.

She recently moved her small company from Los Angeles to Rhode Island, in part to expand her gardens, which grow many of the ingredients in her masterfully crafted skin potions.

Speaking to Christian, one gets the distinct impression of a person with exceptional integrity about whatever she does.

She cares deeply about her work and its impact on other people and the planet, as evidenced by the ethical and sustainable way she runs her small company. All research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing for eco-friendly quality control every step of the process.

"I love being involved in every part of the creation of our formulas", Christian told us. "From growing and infusing the plants, to operating our copper Alembic still that makes our hydrosols, to the meditative process of pouring the creams."

Along with her RRR mission to empower women to accept their beauty at whatever stage of life they find themselves, another important cause in Christian's life is giving women the option of experiencing pregnancy and birth in a more natural, less stressful environment.

As a midwife in training, her new mission is well underway.

Christian Toscano | Roots Rose Radish | Providence RI USA
Roots Rose Radish | Providence RI USA
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